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High accuracy flip chip bonding of solder bumped chips on thin film substrates. There are two different bonding techniques: thermocompression and reflow that use two different bonding arms: Universal Bonding Arm (UBA) and Solder Reflow Arm (SRA), respectively.

SRA has a 1-micron accuracy, but its force is limited to 200 g. The purpose is to melt the solder prior to bringing the bonded components together.

UBA’s accuracy is 3 mm, but it’s able to load 50 kg force against the chuck. The resolution of force control is much lower with UBA than with SRA.

The hybridized chips and substrates are usually silicon but also other materials are allowed.

The machine is not IC compatible.

Tool name:
Flip-chip bonder B
M2 F1 Flip-chip Bonding
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