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 NameTool IdCategoryManufacturerModelResponsible group
View CVD Furnace2L1020 10Furnace ProcessesMTI CorporationOTF-1200XOptoelectronics Group
View Mechanical testing system MTS2L1155 01CharacterizationMTSNNElectronics Integration and Reliability
View 240 LED lamp2L4197 01CharacterizationCreeCree Edge High OutputElectron Physics Group
View 2D Heterostructure Transfer System2F13 18Other processesHQ GrapheneNNPhotonics Group
View 3D printer 12L4142 14Other processesLulzbotTAZ6Aalto Nanofab
View 3D printer 22L4142 15Other processesLulzbotTAZ6Aalto Nanofab
View 3D printer 32L4142 16Other processesLulzbotTAZ6Aalto Nanofab
View AFM Dimension Icon2L4168 03CharacterizationBrukerDimension IconAalto Nanofab
View AFM Jupiter XR1F13 22 CharacterizationOxford InstrumentsJupiter XRVTT Nanofabrication Centre
View AFM NT-MDT Ntegra2L1020 13CharacterizationNtegraNT-MDT Ntegra AFMAalto Nanofab
View Aiolos Probing Station1F 13B 08CharacterizationAforeAVTT Nanofabrication Centre
View ALD Reactor ALD-22F09 09CVD & ALDBeneqBeneq TFS-500Aalto Nanofab
View ALD Reactor ALD-32F09 07CVD & ALDPicosunSUNALE R-200 AdvancedAalto Nanofab
View ALD Reactor ALD-42F09 14 CVD & ALDBeneqTFS 500Aalto Nanofab
View ALD reactor SUNALE R-150B1B 12CVD & ALDPicosunSUNALE R-150BMicroelectronic Systems
View Alignment verification system DSM81G 37CharacterizationSüss MicrotechDSM8Microelectronic Systems
View AlN Sputtering System1E 04SputteringAMSSMT2004Microelectronic Systems
View Aluminium Etch2F12 26 Wet ProcessesPM PlastNNAalto Nanofab
View Annealing 2F07 04AAnnealingCentrothermCentrothermAalto Nanofab
View Annealing furnace PEO-6031F04 13AnnealingATVPEO-603Microelectronic Systems
View Anodization Cell1H05 02Other processesProtoshop.Microelectronic Systems
View ASM LPCVD Nitride1D 21-1CVD & ALDASMDUO A400VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View ASM LPCVD Poly1D 22-1 CVD & ALDASMDUO A400VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View ASM LPCVD TEOS 1D 21-2 CVD & ALDASMDUO A400VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View ATV furnace Mörkö2F10 16Furnace ProcessesATVPEO-604Microfabrication Group
View Au plating module1F05 06Electrochemical DepositionPM Plast AuMicroelectronic Systems
View Beamer Workstation Linux 2F03 04LithographyDellPrecision T5820Aalto Nanofab
View Beamer Workstation Windows2F03 03LithographyDellPrecision T5820Aalto Nanofab
View Black Magic2L1018 04 Epitaxial GrowthNNNNOptoelectronics Group
View Bond Aligner EVG 6101G 36Wafer BondingEVGEVG 610Microelectronic Systems
View Bond aligner EVG6201E 17Wafer BondingElectronic VisionEVG620Microelectronic Systems
View CD MT30001A 24CharacterizationMueTecMT3000VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View CMP 6DSSP1ST 04Back-end ProcessesStrasbaugh6DSSPMicroelectronic Systems
View Coater Developer EVG1201A 25LithographyEVGEVG120Microelectronic Systems
View Contact Angle Meter THETA2F13 10CharacterizationBiolin ScientificsnnAalto Nanofab
View Cryogenic Storage1OC 07LithographyVTTThermal ContainerMicroelectronic Systems
View Current in-plane tunneling prober (CIPT)1F06 16CharacterizationBrukerSmartProber-TT Advanced Manufacturing and Materials (AM2)
View Defect inspection system 8420 Candela 1E 25CharacterizationKLA-TencorCandela 8420Microsystems and nanoelectronics
View Developer Spinner LabSpin2F08 28LithographySüssLabSpin6Aalto Nanofab
View Developer track Convac1A 03LithographyConvacM6000Microelectronic Systems
View Dicing Saw DFD63411MP 19 Back-end ProcessesDiscoDFD6341Microelectronic Systems
View Dicing saw Disco1MP 01Back-end ProcessesDiscoDFD651Microelectronic Systems
View Die Sorter IC 12001MP 18Other processesInfotechIC 1200VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Diffusion furnace T1 Oxidation1D 27-1Furnace ProcessesTempressTS8604LHBA62
View Diffusion furnace T2 Oxidation1D 27-2Furnace ProcessesTempressTS8604LHBA62
View Diffusion furnace T3 Oxidation1D 27-3Furnace ProcessesTempressTS8604LHBA62
View Diffusion furnace T4 Anneal1D 27-4Furnace ProcessesTempressTS8604LHBA62
View Diffusion furnace, A1 anneal1D 01_A1Furnace ProcessesCentrothermE1200 HT 260-4Microelectronic Systems
View Diffusion furnace, A2 oxidation1D 01_A2Furnace ProcessesCentrothermE1200 HT 260-4Microelectronic Systems
View Diffusion furnace, A3 oxidation1D 01_A3Furnace ProcessesCentrothermE1200 HT 260-4Microelectronic Systems
View Diffusion furnace, A4 oxidation1D 01_A4Furnace ProcessesCentrothermE1200 HT 260-4Microelectronic Systems
View Disco DADdy - Dicing saw2L1019 41 Back-end ProcessesDiscoDAD3220 Aalto Nanofab
View DLTS2L4142 06CharacterizationSemilabDLS-83DElectron Physics Group
View DRIE Rapier RP1B 24Dry etchingSPTSRapier RPMicrosystems and nanoelectronics
View Dual spin rinse drier 150 mm and 200 mm1D 24Other processesOEMNNVTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Dual Spin Rinse Drier 16 and 17 1F05 23Wet ProcessesRhetech/SemitoolSRD 8300 SMicroelectronic Systems
View Dual SRD 3 (100 mm) and 4 (150 mm)1C 06Wet ProcessesSemitoolSRD 880SMicroelectronic Systems
View Dual SRD 6 (150 mm) and 10 (200mm)1D 11Wet ProcessesSemitoolSRD 880SMicroelectronic Systems
View Dual SRD 7 (100 mm) and 8 (150 mm)1C 25Wet ProcessesRhetech/SemitoolSRD 87S61Microelectronic Systems
View Dump Module 1ST 14 Wet ProcessesPM-PlastPM-PlastVTT Nanofabrication Centre
View EBL Pattern Generator 2F13 07BLithographyRaith GmbHNNAalto Nanofab
View EBL Raith EBPG52002F03 02LithographyRaithEBPG5200Aalto Nanofab
View EBL Vistec2F03 01LithographyVistecEPBG5000pESAalto Nanofab
View EBPG Emulator2F03 06LithographyRaithHP Z8Aalto Nanofab
View Electroplating Cu2L1019 30 Electrochemical DepositionNB TechnologiesNNAalto Nanofab
View Electroplating Ni 2L1019 32Electrochemical DepositionNB TechnologiesNNAalto Nanofab
View Electroplating Sn2L1019 31 Electrochemical DepositionNB TechnologiesNNAalto Nanofab
View Electrostatic Carrier1F01 08Other processesProtecPT3000Microelectronic Systems
View Ellipsometer Plasmos2F11 19CharacterizationPlasmosPlasmos SD2300Aalto Nanofab
View Evaporator e-gun Edwards 2L1019 02EvaporationEdwards Edwards E306AAalto Nanofab
View Evaporator LISA2S09 02EvaporationInstrumentti MattilaIM-9912Aalto Nanofab
View Evaporator MASA2S09 01EvaporationMASAIM-9912Aalto Nanofab
View Evaporator Plassys2S10 02EvaporationPlassysMEB700S2-III UHVAalto Nanofab
View Evaporator Ångström1F05 32EvaporationÅngström Engineering09091VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View FIB Helios SEM EDX2F13 04NanostructuringFEIHelios Nanolab600Aalto Nanofab
View Field emission SEM2L4142 10CharacterizationJEOLJSM-6335FElectronic reliability and integration
View Film stress measurement tool1F01 07CharacterizationToho TechnologyFLX 2320-SMicroelectronic Systems
View Flash Light2F13 16B CharacterizationHenselEHT 3000 Focus + TRIA 3000 SElectron Physics Group
View Flatness meter ADE1ST 03CharacterizationADE9500 Ultra GageMicroelectronic Systems
View Flip Chip Bonder1F13B 01Back-end ProcessesFinetechfemto2 Advanced Manufacturing and Materials (AM2)
View Flip-chip bonder B1F01 04Back-end ProcessesSETFC150/1998Microelectronic Systems
View Four Point Probe Old2F13 20CharacterizationNNNNAalto Nanofab
View Four-point Probe Loresta1F 13B 10CharacterizationLoresta AP.Microelectronic Systems
View Fume Hood HF etch2F12 20Wet ProcessesPMPlast1900-710Aalto Nanofab
View Fume hood Metal etch2F12 12Wet ProcessesPMPlastNNAalto Nanofab
View Fume Hood TMAH2F12 10Wet ProcessesPMPlastNNAalto Nanofab
View Fume Hood A2F07 02Wet ProcessesPMplastPMPlastElectron Physics Group
View Fume Hood Acid work2L1019 36 Wet ProcessesVisuAaltoAalto Nanofab
View Fume Hood Acid work 12F12 16Wet ProcessesPMPlastNNAalto Nanofab
View Fume Hood Acid work 22F12 19 Wet ProcessesPMPlastAcidsAalto Nanofab
View Fume Hood ALD2F09 01Wet ProcessesPMPlastPMPlastAalto Nanofab
View Fume Hood Cu Contamination 2F11 09Wet ProcessesPMPlastSpinnerAalto Nanofab
View Fume Hood EBL Solvents2F03 08LithographyMuovikoplaNNAalto Nanofab
View Fume Hood EBL Spinner2F03 09LithographyMuovikoplaNNAalto Nanofab
View Fume Hood Electroplating2L1019 33 Wet ProcessesNB TechnologiesNNAalto Nanofab
View Fume Hood KOH 2L1019 37 Wet ProcessesVisuAaltoAalto Nanofab
View Fume Hood Lift off2F12 18 Wet ProcessesPM PlastType no 2580-1Aalto Nanofab
View Fume Hood Lithography2L1019 34 Wet ProcessesVisuAaltoAalto Nanofab
View Fume Hood Salo2S10 01Wet ProcessesNNNNAalto Nanofab
View Fume Hood Solvents 2F12 05Wet Processes PMPlastFume HoodAalto Nanofab
View Fume Hood Solvents2L1019 35 Wet ProcessesVisuAaltoAalto Nanofab
View Fume Hood Spinner2S11 01LithographyPMPlast Photoresist Aalto Nanofab
View Fumehood1TF 03Wet Processes. .Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood1TF 04Wet Processes. .Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood ACID1C 21Wet ProcessesLotus.Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood BOAT CLEAN1C 22Wet ProcessesLotus Boat CleanMicroelectronic Systems
View Fumehood DEVELOP1A 21Wet ProcessesLotus -Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood for anodization1H05 03Wet Processes..Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood IMPLANT1ST 09Wet ProcessesLotus.Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood KULTA1F05 16Wet ProcessesSemitool.Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood LIFT-OFF1WC 03Wet ProcessesStangl.Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood Litho1F03 16LithographyLotus -Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood MASK CLEAN1C 09Wet ProcessesLotus.Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood PLATING1F05 22Electrochemical DepositionLotus.Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood Polymers1G 30Wet ProcessesLotusNNVTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Fumehood SCALE&CUT1S01 01Wet ProcessesAmsel.Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood SERVICE ACIDS1WC 01Wet ProcessesAmsel .Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood SERVICE SOLVENTS1WC 02Wet ProcessesPMPlast .Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood solvents for cleaning parts1H06 01Wet ProcessesPM Plast.Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood TMAH1C 17Wet ProcessesLotus.Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood VESSEL1F02 05Wet ProcessesStangl.Microelectronic Systems
View Fumehood WET SERVICE1H04 02Wet ProcessesLotusWSMicroelectronic Systems
View Furnace MiniBrute Lower2L1020 02BFurnace ProcessesThermcoMiniBrute Physical Characteristics of Surfaces and Interface
View Furnace MiniBrute Upper2L1020 02AFurnace ProcessesMini-BruteMini-BruteAalto Nanofab
View Furnace PEO2F12 08Furnace ProcessesPEOPEO-601/ATVAalto Nanofab
View Glovebox ALD Precursors2EC 04CVD & ALDInnovative TechnologyPureLab HE 21Aalto Nanofab
View Goniometer1A 16CharacterizationUnknown UnknownMicroelectronic Systems
View Hall Measurement System Ecopia2L4166 02CharacterizationEcopiaHMS500Optoelectronics Group
View Halogen lamp2L4196 05CharacterizationOSRAMAluPAR 64 NSPElectron Physics Group
View Heating Bath IKA2F12 22Wet ProcessesIKAHBR 4Aalto Nanofab
View HF vapor etcher MEMS-CET1B 13Dry etchingPrimaxxMEMS-CETMicroelectronic Systems
View HMDS Desiccator2F08 21LithographynnnnAalto Nanofab
View Hot Plate2S11 06LithographyNNNNAalto Nanofab
View Hot plate - Tmax 250C2L4196 07CharacterizationStuartSB-500Electron Physics Group
View Hot plate - Tmax 250C2L4197 02CharacterizationStuartSB-500Electron Physics Group
View Hot plate - Tmax 350C2L4196 08CharacterizationIKAC-MAG HS10Electron Physics Group
View Hot plate BLE1F03 18 LithographyBLEBLEMicroelectronic Systems
View Hot plate duo1A 29BLithographySawatecHP-200VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Hot Plate Matti2L1019 15LithographyPräzithermHot plateAalto Nanofab
View Hot Plate Mervi2F08 20LithographyUniTemp GmbHHP-220Aalto Nanofab
View Hot Plate Pia2F08 19 AnnealingUniTemp GmbHHP-220Aalto Nanofab
View Hotplate OPTIHOT HB201G 09LithographyATMOPTIhot HB20Microelectronic Systems
View Hotplate Polos 200S2F03 12LithographySPSPolos 200SAalto Nanofab
View Hotplate Präzitherm2F03 14LithographyHarry Gestigkeit GmbHPZ28-2Aalto Nanofab
View IBE Scia Mill 2003F11 20Dry etchingScia SystemsMill 200Kyocera-Tikitin
View ICP-RIE Estrelas 1002F10 17Dry etchingOxford InstrumentsPlasmaPro 100 EstrelasAalto Nanofab
View ICP-RIE Plasmalab 1002F09 12Dry etchingOxford InstrumentsOxford Instruments Plasmalab System100 - ICP 180Aalto Nanofab
View Impedance Analyzer1F 13B 07CharacterizationAgilent4294AMicroelectronic Systems
View In plating module1F05 04Electrochemical DepositionPM Plast InMicroelectronic Systems
View Ion Beam Trimmer1F08 30Dry etchingAMSystemsD0213Microelectronic Systems
View Ion implanter Eaton 82001ST 08Ion ImplantationEaton NV8200Microelectronic Systems
View IR-Inspector1F01 10CharacterizationSchott Moritex-Microelectronic Systems
View KOH setup2L1019 08Wet ProcessesNNNNMicrofabrication Group
View Laser marking station Trumpf 1OC 02 Other processesTrumpfTruMark Station 5000VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Laser Micromachining System2L1020 07 Other processesAzpect / NewportnaAalto Nanofab
View Laser Wafer Marker2L1020 12Other processesCencorp300 LMElectron Physics Group
View Laserwriter2F08 03LithographyMicrotechLW 405Aalto Nanofab
View Leak Detector2SF 02Other processesNNNNAalto Nanofab
View Leak Detector Edwards2OC 06Other processesEdwardsELD 500 FLEXAalto Nanofab
View Leica DM6 Optical Microscope2L4168 04CharacterizationLeicaDM6Optoelectronics Group
View Lifetime Scanner PV-20002F13 11CharacterizationSemilabPV-2000AElectron Physics Group
View Linear Corona Charger2F13 16 CharacterizationSemilabLCC-300Electron Physics Group
View Logitech PM6 Lapping system2L1019 42 Other processesLogitechPM6Electronics Integration and Reliability
View LPCVD LTO PSG Expertech1D 25CVD & ALDExpertechCTR200 Advanced Manufacturing and Materials (AM2)
View LPCVD PolySi2F07 04CCVD & ALDCentrothermCentrothermAalto Nanofab
View LPCVD SiN2F07 04BCVD & ALDCentrothermCentrothermAalto Nanofab
View Manual prober1F 13B 05CharacterizationRucker&Kolls .Microelectronic Systems
View Manual spinner apogee1G 33Back-end ProcessesApogeeApogeeMicrosystems and nanoelectronics
View Manual Spinner Duo1A 29ALithographySawatecSM-200VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Manual spinner LARGE1G 10LithographyHeadwayCB15Microelectronic Systems
View Manual spinner LSM2001A 12LithographySawatecLSM 200Microelectronic Systems
View Manual spinner SCS1F03 17LithographySCSSCSMicroelectronic Systems
View Manual wafer taper1G 27Back-end ProcessesSEC3250VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Manual Wafer Taper1MP 21Back-end ProcessesSEC3150VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Mapping sheet resistance tool1F01 11CharacterizationAdvanced Instrument TechnologyCMT-SR2000NMicroelectronic Systems
View Mask aligner - Mauri Antero2F08 01LithographySüss MA-6Aalto Nanofab
View Mask aligner MA1501A 02LithographySüss MicroTecMA 150Microelectronic Systems
View Mask Aligner MA2001G 18LithographySuss MicroTecMA 200Microelectronic Systems
View Mask Aligner MA61G 17LithographySuss MicroTecMA 6Microelectronic Systems
View Mask aligner OAI 60081A 32LithographyOAI6008VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Mask Inspection Station1OC 01CharacterizationThe MM Microscope Co Inc. MISMicroelectronic Systems
View Maskless Aligner MLA1502F08 30LithographyHeidelbergMLA150Aalto Nanofab
View Metal etcher LAM TCP96001B 05Dry etchingLAM/Point 35TCP 9600Microelectronic Systems
View Metal etcher SI 5001F10 07-1Dry etchingSentechSI 500 Advanced Manufacturing and Materials (AM2)
View Micro-Raman 2F13 08CharacterizationWITecWITec alpha300 RA+Nanotechnology Group
View Microscope 11A 23CharacterizationNikon Eclipse L200Microelectronic Systems
View Microscope 111MP 06CharacterizationLeica AGWILD MZ8 Microelectronic Systems
View Microscope 121MP 11CharacterizationLeitz.Microelectronic Systems
View Microscope 131C 23CharacterizationNikonEclipse L200NMicroelectronic Systems
View Microscope 151B 08CharacterizationNikonEclipse L200Microelectronic Systems
View Microscope 161A 27CharacterizationNikonEclipse L200NVTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Microscope 21A 34CharacterizationNikon Eclipse L200Microelectronic Systems
View Microscope 41G 20CharacterizationNikonEclipse L200NMicroelectronic Systems
View Microscope 51F02 08CharacterizationLeitzSecoluxMicroelectronic Systems
View Microscope 71F04 07Characterization Unknown UnknownMicroelectronic Systems
View Microscope 91F05 15CharacterizationNikonEclipse L200Microelectronic Systems
View Microscope A2F08 02CharacterizationLeitzLeitzAalto Nanofab
View Microscope DIC1ST 01CharacterizationDIC -Microelectronic Systems
View Microscope Eclipse L200ND1F01 12CharacterizationNikonEclipse L200NDVTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Microscope F13B2F13 13CharacterizationOlympusBX60Aalto Nanofab
View Microscope Opton2L1019 18CharacterizationOPTONNNAalto Nanofab
View Microscope with camera2F10 12CharacterizationOptonNNAalto Nanofab
View Microscope Zeiss2L1020 08CharacterizationZEISSNNAalto Nanofab
View Microscope Zeiss Axiotron1F13B 02CharacterizationZeissAxiotron IIMicroelectronic Systems
View Microwave asher Aura10001B 11Other processesGaSonicsAura 1000Microelectronic Systems
View MOVPE I / Asterix2L1018 01Epitaxial GrowthThomas Swan?Optoelectronics Group
View MOVPE II2L1018 02Epitaxial GrowthThomas Swan3x2" CSSOptoelectronics Group
View MOVPE III2L1018 03Epitaxial GrowthNNNNOptoelectronics Group
View mPCD scanner2L4196 01CharacterizationSemilabWT-85Electron Physics Group
View Needle corona charger2L4196 04CharacterizationKGKG 201Electron Physics Group
View Non destructive X-Ray inspection2L4142 11CharacterizationFEIN FOCUSFXS-160.24Electronic reliability and integration
View Non-contact sheet resistivity tool1F04 10CharacterizationSuragusEddyCusMicroelectronic Systems
View OEM Sputtering System1E 03SputteringOEMMark Eclipse IVMicroelectronic Systems
View Olympus MX63L 200mm wafer inspection microscope2F10 18CharacterizationOlympusMX63LAalto Nanofab
View Optical Profilometer Contour1F01 05CharacterizationBrukerGTXMicroelectronic Systems
View Optical Profilometer Filmetrics2L1020 09 CharacterizationFilmetricsProfilm3DAalto Nanofab
View Optical transmission analyzer1F06 14CharacterizationVTTTwoVTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Oven 1202F08 13LithographyMemmertMemmertAalto Nanofab
View Oven 902F08 14LithographyMemmertMemmertAalto Nanofab
View Oven Adjustable2F08 12LithographyMemmertMemmertAalto Nanofab
View Oven Despatch1G 02AnnealingDespatch IndustriesLCC/D1-51N-3Microelectronic Systems
View Oven Memmert 2L1019 12AnnealingMemmertnnAalto Nanofab
View Oven21MP 08AnnealingMemmert.Microelectronic Systems
View Oven31MP 09AnnealingPoweta.Microelectronic Systems
View Oxidation 12F07 01AFurnace ProcessesCentrothermCentrothermAalto Nanofab
View Oxidation 22F07 01BFurnace ProcessesCentrothermCentrothermAalto Nanofab
View Oxidation 32F07 01CFurnace ProcessesCentrothermCentrothermAalto Nanofab
View Oxidation 42F07 01DFurnace ProcessesCentrothermCentrothermAalto Nanofab
View Oxidation furnace PEO-6031E 20Furnace ProcessesATVPEO-603Microelectronic Systems
View Oxide etcher LAM45201B 03Dry etchingLAM/Point 35LAM 4520Microelectronic Systems
View Oxide Etcher LAM4520XL1B 20Dry etchingLAM4520 XLVTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Oxide etcher SI 5001F10 07-2Dry etchingSentechSI 500 Advanced Manufacturing and Materials (AM2)
View Oxide ICP etcher STS AOE1F10 03Dry etchingSTSAOEMicroelectronic Systems
View Parylene spray deposition tool1H06 04Other processesSCS CoatingPSD 2010 Labcoater2Microelectronic Systems
View PECVD Oxford Plasmalab1001F04 11CVD & ALDOxfordPlasmalab100Microelectronic Systems
View PECVD Oxford PlasmaPro System 1001B 18CVD & ALDOxfordPlasmapro System 100Microelectronic Systems
View PECVD Plasmalab F102F10 07CVD & ALDOxford InstrumentsPlasmalab 80Plus Oxford InstrumentsAalto Nanofab
View Plasma stripper 1 PRS8011B 10Other processesPlasma TechnologyPRS 801Microelectronic Systems
View Plasma stripper PRS9001F10 06Other processesOxford InstrumentsPRS900Microelectronic Systems
View Plasma Stripper Q2401G 34Dry etchingAlpha Plasma Q240Microsystems and nanoelectronics
View Plasma stripper TePla 380P1B 23Other processesPVA TePlaPlasma System GIGAbatch 380P VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Plating work bench1F05 28Electrochemical DepositionPlast ServicePlast ServiceMicroelectronic Systems
View Polos Hotplate 200S1G 32LithographyPolosS200VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Polysilicon etcher LAM44201B 04Dry etchingLAM/Point 35LAM 4420Microelectronic Systems
View Precision tester2L1151/1 01Characterization--Electronics Integration and Reliability
View Prime Oven HMDS2F08 24 LithographyYESYES-3Aalto Nanofab
View Primer oven YES-51G 14LithographyYield EngineeringYES-5Microelectronic Systems
View Primer oven YES-58TAE1A 31 LithographyYield Engineering Systems58TAEVTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Probe station Cascade1F13B 04CharacterizationCascade MicrotechModel 12000Microelectronic Systems
View Probe Station MPI TS3000-SE1F13B 03CharacterizationMPI CorporationTS3000-SEVTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Probe Station Semiprobe1F13 06CharacterizationSemiprobeSA-8VPVTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Probe System MPI TS2000-D1L4107 01CharacterizationMPI CorporationTS2000-DMicroelectronic Systems
View Probestation2L4142 03Back-end ProcessesSüss?Organic Electronics
View Profilometer Bruker DektakXT1E 19CharacterizationBrukerDektakXTVTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Profilometer Dektak/XT2F10 14CharacterizationBrukerDektak/XTAalto Nanofab
View Profilometer Veeco Dektak M61E 14CharacterizationVeeco Dektak M6Microelectronic Systems
View PVD system Angstrom2L1019 43 EvaporationAngstrom Engineering09340Aalto Nanofab
View QuickSun2L4142 12CharacterizationEndeas120CAElectron Physics Group
View RCA 22F11 16Wet ProcessesPM PlastNNAalto Nanofab
View Reflectometer 2000M-NIR1B 21CharacterizationSCI2000M-NIRVTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Reflectometer F50-UV System1ST 16CharacterizationFilmetricsF50-UVBA62
View Reflectometer FilmTek 2000M1E 24CharacterizationScientific Computing Int.FilmTek 2000MMicroelectronic Systems
View Reflectometer Nanospec1ST 12CharacterizationNanometrics IncorporatedNanospec AFT 4150Microelectronic Systems
View Reflectometer Opton2F13 19CharacterizationOPTONOPTON AxiospeedAalto Nanofab
View Reflow oven ATV1F05 01AnnealingATVSRO_704_RMicroelectronic Systems
View Rena Cu plating A1F05 24Electrochemical DepositionRENA.Microelectronic Systems
View Rena Ni plating1F05 26Electrochemical DepositionRENA.Microelectronic Systems
View RENA Sn plating1F05 25Electrochemical DepositionRENA.Microelectronic Systems
View Rena SnPb plating1F05 27Electrochemical DepositionRENA.Microelectronic Systems
View Resist oven 11A 13LithographyMemmertUFE400Microelectronic Systems
View Resist oven 31A 15LithographyMemmertUFE400Microelectronic Systems
View Resist oven LOWER (5)1G 16LithographyMemmertUFE 400Microelectronic Systems
View Resist oven UPPER (4)1G 15LithographyMemmertUFE 400Microelectronic Systems
View Resist Spinner LabSpin2F08 29LithographySüssLabSpin6Aalto Nanofab
View Resist Spinner LabSpin82F08 31LithographySUSS MicroTec Lithography GmbHLABSPIN8Aalto Nanofab
View Resist Spinner LabSpin8 EBL2F03 10LithographySüssLabSpin 8Aalto Nanofab
View Resist Station Gamma41G 07LithographySuss MicroTecGamma 4Microelectronic Systems
View RIE Oxford 80Plus1F04 08Dry etchingOxford80 PLUS RIEMicroelectronic Systems
View RIE Plasmalab F102F10 05Dry etchingOxford InstrumentsPlasmalab 80Plus Oxford InstrumentsAalto Nanofab
View Rinse Dryer 4-62F08 22Other processesSemitool870SAalto Nanofab
View Rinse Dryer 4-62F07 10Other processesSemitool870SAalto Nanofab
View Rinse Dryer Semitool 1002F12 25Wet ProcessesSemitool2 stockAalto Nanofab
View Rinse Dryer Semitool 1502F12 24Wet ProcessesSemitoolnnAalto Nanofab
View Rinse Dryer Square2F07 11Other processesSemitool870SAalto Nanofab
View Rinse Dryer Square2F08 23Other processesSemitool870SAalto Nanofab
View Rinse Dryer Verteq 1002F11 15Wet ProcessesVerteqnnAalto Nanofab
View Rinse Dryer Verteq 1502F11 14Wet ProcessesVerteq2 stockAalto Nanofab
View RTA2L1020 01AnnealingRussiaFoton-6Aalto Nanofab
View RTA JetFirst 300C1E 23Furnace ProcessesEMC technologiesJetFirst 300CMicrosystems and nanoelectronics
View RTP Jipelec2F12 09AnnealingJipelecJipelecAalto Nanofab
View SAM Acoustic microscope1E 07CharacterizationSonixHS3000Microelectronic Systems
View SEM Crossbeam 550L1A 30CharacterizationZeissCrossbeam 550L Advanced Manufacturing and Materials (AM2)
View SEM EBL Zeiss Supra 402F13 07CharacterizationZeissZeiss Supra 40Aalto Nanofab
View SEM Leo 15601F13 21CharacterizationZeissLEO1560Microelectronic Systems
View SEM Supra 351TF 07CharacterizationZeissSupra 35Microelectronic Systems
View SEM Tabletop 2L4168 05CharacterizationHitachiHitachi TM-1000Aalto Nanofab
View Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer1F06 08CharacterizationAgilent4155CMicroelectronic Systems
View Silicon ICP etcher (Aviza)1B 01Dry etchingAvizaOmega i2lMicroelectronic Systems
View Silicon ICP etcher (STS)1F10 02Dry etchingSTSASEMicroelectronic Systems
View Sink Neutralization2F08 25 Wet ProcessesPM PlastXAalto Nanofab
View Sink Solvent2F08 26 Wet ProcessesPM PlastXAalto Nanofab
View Sinton Lifetime2F13 17CharacterizationSinton InstrumentsWCT-120 & Suns-VocElectron Physics Group
View SIRM2L1019 39 CharacterizationNNNNElectron Physics Group
View Small LED lamp2L4196 09Characterization--Electron Physics Group
View SnAg plating module1F05 09Electrochemical DepositionPM Plast .Microelectronic Systems
View SNOM/NSOM WITec alpha3002L4166 01 SNOMCharacterizationWITecalpha 300Micro and Quantum Systems
View Spectrophotometer Filmetrics2EC 10CharacterizationFilmetricsF10-RT-UVXNanotechnology Group
View Spectroscopic ellipsometer SE20001F01 09CharacterizationSemilabSE2000VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Spectroscopic Ellipsometer SE-20002F09 05CharacterizationSemilabSE-2000Aalto Nanofab
View Spin Etcher1ST 10Wet ProcessesOptiwetSB30Microelectronic Systems
View Spin rinse drier 1 (150 mm)1A 19Wet ProcessesVerteqSuperclean 1600-44Microelectronic Systems
View Spin Rinse Drier 18 (150 mm)1ST 06Wet ProcessesSemitoolSRD 880SMicroelectronic Systems
View Spin rinse drier 2 (150 mm)1A 20Wet ProcessesVerteqSuperclean 1600-34Microelectronic Systems
View Spin Rinse Drier 201G 04Wet ProcessesVerteqSuperclean 1600-34Microelectronic Systems
View Spin rinse drier 5 (100 mm)1C 12Wet ProcessesVerteqSuperclean 1600-34Microelectronic Systems
View Spin Rinse Dryer 20 and 21 (150/200mm)1F02 09Wet ProcessesMTEK270/2300VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Spin/Rinse Dryer 11 (100 mm)1F02 03Wet ProcessesVerteqSuperclean 1600/55MMicroelectronic Systems
View Spinner 8 inch1F05 21Wet ProcessesLaurellEDC1-100-8NPP/INDMicroelectronic Systems
View Spinner Convac2S11 03LithographyConvacNNAalto Nanofab
View Spinner Cu2F11 17 Wet ProcessesLaurellNNElectron Physics Group
View Spinner I2F03 11LithographyLaurellNNAalto Nanofab
View Spinner Laurell2S11 05LithographyLaurellNNAalto Nanofab
View Spinner Lithography2L1019 38 LithographyLaurellNNMicrofabrication Group
View Sputter Chromium2L1019 28 SputteringEmitechK575XElectronic reliability and integration
View Sputter Gold2L1019 19SputteringOPTONOPTONAalto Nanofab
View Sputter Plasmalab F102F10 04SputteringOxford InstrumentsPlasmalab 400, Oxford InstrumentsAalto Nanofab
View Sputtering system Mark IV1F04 01SputteringTELMark Eclipse IVMicroelectronic Systems
View Sputtering system 1 PV-LLS8011E 01SputteringProvacPV-LLS801Microelectronic Systems
View Sputtering system CLN 2001F04 12SputteringEvatecCLN 200VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Sputtering system MRC1F04 09SputteringMRC903Microelectronic Systems
View Sputtering system VA1F04 04SputteringVonArdenneCS 730 S Cluster SystemMicroelectronic Systems
View SPV Scanner2L4142 05CharacterizationSemilabWT85XL-400Electron Physics Group
View Stereo Microscope F10B2F10 09CharacterizationnnnnAalto Nanofab
View Struers Grinding LaboPol-212L1177A 02 Back-end ProcessesStruersLaboPol-21Electronic reliability and integration
View Struers Polishing Tegramin-252L1177A 01 Back-end ProcessesStruersTegramin-25Electronic reliability and integration
View Suns-Voc2L4196 10CharacterizationSintonVOC-0246Electron Physics Group
View Suntest XLS2L4142 08CharacterizationAtlas Material Testing SolutionsSuntest XLS+Electron Physics Group
View Tape Press1MP 14Back-end ProcessesABBA62
View Temperature dependent Sinton Lifetime2L4196 03CharacterizationSinton InstrumentsWCT-120TSElectron Physics Group
View TePla 4002L1019 20Other processesPVA TEPLA400 Plasma SystemElectronics Integration and Reliability
View Test_tool_MkoXXXXXXXXNanostructuringRandomRandom Physical Characteristics of Surfaces and Interface
View TMAH etch2F12 11Wet ProcessesNNNNAalto Nanofab
View Ultrasonic Bath2F12 04Wet ProcessesnnnnAalto Nanofab
View UV Lamp System2L1019 16CharacterizationDYMAXECE 2000Microfabrication Group
View UV photostabilizer1A 33LithographyFusionM150PCMicroelectronic Systems
View UV-Lamp Visual Inspection2F09 10Other processesnnnnAalto Nanofab
View UV-NIL (accessory for Mauri Antero)2F08 01BLithographySussSuss MA-6Aalto Nanofab
View Vacuum Furnace Webb2L1019 21 AnnealingWebbRed Devil MElectronics Integration and Reliability
View Vacuum Oven1G 13LithographyHeraus OvenMicroelectronic Systems
View Vacuum Oven1B 22AnnealingGoldbrunn1450VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Wafer backgrinder 7AF1ST 02Back-end ProcessesStrasbaugh7AFMicroelectronic Systems
View Wafer Bonder AML2F11 08Wafer BondingAML AML-AWB, year 2008Aalto Nanofab
View Wafer Bonder EVG 5101G 35Wafer BondingEVGEVG 510Microelectronic Systems
View Wafer bonder EVG5201S1E 16Wafer BondingElectronic VisionEVG5201SMicroelectronic Systems
View Wafer Cleaner Batchspray Acid1C 24Wet ProcessesSiconnexBatchspray acid 2.0VTT Nanofabrication Centre
View Wafer Defect Inspection System1E 21CharacterizationNanoPhotonicsReflex TTMicroelectronic Systems
View Wafer loader NWL 11A 28CharacterizationNikonNWL200 Advanced Manufacturing and Materials (AM2)
View Wafer spinner POLOS1G 22LithographySPSMCD200 NPPMicroelectronic Systems
View Wafer Stepper FPA 3000-i41A 04LithographyCanonFPA 3000-i4Microelectronic Systems
View Vector Network Analyzer1F 13B 06CharacterizationAnritsu.Microelectronic Systems
View Wet Bench F11A2F11 06Wet ProcessesStanglStangl Aalto Nanofab
View Wet Bench MIXED ETCHANTS1F02 04Wet ProcessesStangl MEMicroelectronic Systems
View Wet Bench PRE-CLEAN2F12 06Wet ProcessesPMPlast old VTT wet benchAalto Nanofab
View Wet Bench RCA 1-22F07 08Wet ProcessesStanglAcidAalto Nanofab
View Wet bench D CLEAN 11D 07Wet ProcessesStangl Stangl07Microelectronic Systems
View Wet bench D CLEAN 21D 09Wet ProcessesStangl StanglMicroelectronic Systems
View Wet Bench DCLEAN 31D 10Wet ProcessesStangl Singulus-Microelectronic Systems
View Wet bench DEVELOP 21G 23Wet ProcessesStanglWBMicroelectronic Systems
View Wet Bench Development2F08 10AWet ProcessesStanglAcidAalto Nanofab
View Wet bench HF 11C 04Wet ProcessesStangl StanglMicroelectronic Systems
View Wet bench HF 21C 05Wet ProcessesStangl StanglMicroelectronic Systems
View Wet bench Hot plates2F08 18LithographyPMPlastPMPlastAalto Nanofab
View Wet Bench KOH2L1020 11Wet ProcessesPladeNNAalto Nanofab
View Wet Bench MASK CLEAN1G 26Wet ProcessesStanglMask CleanMicroelectronic Systems
View Wet bench METAL ETCH1C 08Wet ProcessesStangl StanglMicroelectronic Systems
View Wet Bench Oxide Etch2F08 10BWet ProcessesStanglnnAalto Nanofab
View Wet bench Piranha2F08 10CWet ProcessesStanglNAAalto Nanofab
View Wet bench PIRANHA1C 16Wet ProcessesStangl StanglMicroelectronic Systems
View Wet Bench POLYMERS1F05 31Wet ProcessesStangl PolymersMicroelectronic Systems
View Wet bench POSISTRIP 11C 10Wet ProcessesStanglStanglMicroelectronic Systems
View Wet bench POSISTRIP 21C 11Wet ProcessesStangl StanglMicroelectronic Systems
View Wet bench POST CMP1ST 05Wet ProcessesSSE/Arias.Microelectronic Systems
View Wet bench Resist Removal2F08 09Wet ProcessesStanglSolventAalto Nanofab
View Wet bench RINSE1D 08Wet ProcessesPlast Service Rinse moduleMicroelectronic Systems
View Wet Bench Rinse2F12 27 Wet ProcessesStanglNNAalto Nanofab
View Wet bench RINSE 11F02 06Wet ProcessesStangl RINSEMicroelectronic Systems
View Wet bench SOLVENTS1A 22Wet ProcessesStangl -Microelectronic Systems
View Wet Bench spinner2F08 16LithographyStanglWet Bench with SpinnerAalto Nanofab
View Wet bench STANDARD ETCHANTS1F02 02Wet ProcessesStangl SEMicroelectronic Systems
View Vibrometer Lynceetec1F 13B 09CharacterizationLyncee TecDHM Physical Characteristics of Surfaces and Interface
View Wire Bonder Bondtec 53302L4142 13Back-end ProcessesFS bondtec5330Aalto Nanofab
View Wire bonder Delvotec 532L4142 01Back-end ProcessesDelvotec 53Delvotec 53BDAAalto Nanofab
View Wire Bonder Delvotec 53XX2L4142 09Back-end ProcessesDelvotec53XXAalto Nanofab
View XeF2 Etcher1E 18Dry etchingSPTSXactixMicroelectronic Systems
View Xenon lamp2L4196 06CharacterizationMicronova-Electron Physics Group
View XRD Panalytical2L4168 02CharacterizationPanalyticalNNNanotechnology Group
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