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• There is one permanent target: Al(pure) in SP2
• Targets in SP1 and SP3 will be changed on request. Normally target stays 1 week inside, but max. 2 weeks will be granted on request. Longer than 2 weeks only, if nobody else has different target needs.
• Target request must be done via Online Form in LIMS. In case of double target requests for same week following rules apply:
1. Who made the request first for week x should get priority.
2. In case of 2 requests for the same week, 2nd request should be respected for next week.
3. Keeping 2 following weeks a targets inside for the same requester should be only accepted, if there is real need, and there was no other target request before.
4. People should not reserve for multiple weeks in series. That means, it is not allowed to reserve e.g. 3 or 4 weeks ahead, every week. Max. 2 weeks.
5. Dead line for target request is Thursday week 1, target configuration is determined Friday week 1, target will be installed on Friday week 2, and available week 3.


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OEM Sputtering System
M1 E Sputtering
Mark Eclipse IV


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