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Large area AFM for up to 200mm wafers, capable of driving most modes available for the Jupiter XR platform, login to see the extended description and process details.

Tool name:
AFM Jupiter XR
M2 F13 Analysis Lab
Oxford Instruments
Jupiter XR

Expert users are allowed to use their own probes down the line, specifically special probes might be required for some modes. Conductive and general probes will be kept in stock. Read the application guide to get insight into AFM. Expert users will also be allowed to give training down the line to other users on their group, communication is key and expert users are more than welcome to explore the possibilities allowed with the tool. Expert user are expected to share know-how on the measurement procedures in particular it is expected tool responsibles to have a 2-way relationship with experts from other groups.

Probes are limited and for the time being it is recommended that probes from https://estore.oxinst.com/eu/products/microscopy-supplies/afm-probes-catalog/ are used, probes available for general usage are AC160, AC200, AC240, ASYELEC02 and FS1500 (attractive regime).

This instrument is a D-class tool; there is limited possibility to convert it to C-class (a spare chuck and spare cantelever holder are available which have not been used, these need to discussed separately)


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