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Inductively coupled plasma etcher for etching silicon with Bosch or cryogenic processes.

Key Features and Accessories:

  • Three power sources: ICP source 5 kW, HF source (13.56 MHz) 300 W (also low power can be controlled accurately by using an automatic x0.1 attenuator), LF (350 kHz) 300 W.
  • Available etch gases: SF6 (two lines for low and high flow), C4F8, O2, Ar, CHF3
  • Operating temperature with cryo from -150 °C to +110 °C and with chiller from 0 °C to +60 °C.

Substrate Size:

Wafer clamps exists in the following sizes: 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 156x156 mm2. Small samples need to be glued on a protected carrier wafer with e.g. photoresist. All kinds of tapes are forbidden! Al2O3 is a good masking material for the carrier.

Allowed Materials:

Si, Ge, Mo, Nb, W (and their oxides and nitrides), Al2O3, photoresists, (TiN as an etch stop layer)

Forbidden Materials:

All other materials (including Al, Ti, Ni, Cr). These metals are not allowed since they create non-volatile by-products with fluorine, which are deposited on the chamber walls. No tapes allowed in any Nanofab vacuum equipment.

Important for License application:

When submitting for a training, please provide with the following process details (mandatory):

    Substrate material
    Wafer size (4", 6", 8")
    Etch process type (cryo, Bosch)
    Approximate etch depth
    Process temperature
    Mask material
    List of all the materials currently on the substrate (metals etc.)

Tool name:
ICP-RIE Estrelas 100
M2 F10 Plasma
Dry etching
Oxford Instruments
PlasmaPro 100 Estrelas


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