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Manual contact aligner with front-side and back-side alignment for up to 6” wafers. Tooling exists for 4” wafers (with 5”x5” photomasks), 6” wafers (with 7”x7” photomasks), and also for 8” wafers (with 9”x9” photomasks), but the exposed area is limited to a circle with a diameter of 165 mm). Tooling also exists for exposing discrete chips with 4”x4” photomasks. 5” wafers have been exposed with 6” hardware. Smaller than 4" diameter samples (wafer pieces) have to have a special arrangement for processing, for example on a carrier wafer, or on a tape that has a vacuum hole, or other solution that can be agreed with the tool maintenance.

Nominal resolution (with vacuum contact) is 0.6 µm. The tool is classification depends on the chuck type: there is one chuck for IC clean wafers and the other for Non IC.

Tool name:
Mask Aligner MA6
M2 G Lithography and BCB
Suss MicroTec
MA 6


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