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Electron beam evaporator: used for high resolution nanofabrication with a special focus on depositing metal films (superconductors  and normal metals)for lift off techniques.

  • 6 pocked revolver type evaporation sources with a selection of standard materials (e.g. Al, Ti, Ag, Cu, Au, AuPd, Ge, Cr, Ni) available upon request.
  • Plasma gun for substrate surface cleaning - NOT strong enough for e.g. oxide removal.
  • Oxidation with pure oxygen or oxygen max. 200 mbar in loading chamber
  • Minimum pump time before film deposition 1 hour
  • Crystal thickness monitor
  • Typical film thickness 2 to 40 nm, maximum 100 nm (50 nm for Au), on special request up to 300nm
  • Evaporation rate 0.2 Å/s up to 5 Å/s
  • Substrate tilt and rotation; substrate size from small pieces to 4“ wafer (6” wafer possible without tilt on special request)
  • Substrate heating with external power source
  • automated pump-down sequence, operating pressure down to 10e-8 mbar
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Evaporator MASA
M2 S9


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