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Multirole PVD system featuring a wide range of deposition techniques (e-beam, thermal, sputter and LT-temperature controlled sources) and auxiliary features (ion gun, oxidation, stage heating and the possibility to use evaporation masks). The system offers high degree of flexiibility to serve diverse user needs.

  • Load lock with a 6-slot elevator separated from the deposition chamber - supports up to six samples and/or masks that can be loaded automatically for processing and then unloaded back into the load lock to change sources without breaking sample vacuum
  • 6-pocket e-beam revolver crucible with 7 cc pocket capacity; 600 mA max. current at 10 kV acceleration voltage
  • Two thermal evaporation sources with capacity for depositing up to ~2 µm thick films using a crucible heater source
  • Two 3" sputter heads and two different power sources: RF (with automatic matching) and Pulsed-DC
  • Three low-temperature, temperature controlled (LTE) RADAK I sources for controller deposition of low-evaporation point materials (0 - 1500 °C)
  • Wide selection of materials for all deposition sources
  • Ar ion beam source for sample surface cleaning and etching
  • Three process gases: Ar, O2 and N2; gas pressure and flow control using MFCs enables oxidation processes and reactive sputtering at 1 - 100 mTorr pressure range
  • QCM thickness sensors for independent measurement of each evaporation source; separate sensor for calibrating sputtering processes prior to the deposition
  • Sample stage tilting (+/- 95°) and rotation (continous rotation up to 30 RPM or discrete rotation by a defined angle)
  • Sample stage heating up to 800 °C
  • Fully automated operation with control software (incl. sample transfer)
  • Closed-loop control of the evaporation rates

When applying for user training, include at least the following information in the message:

  • Source type(s)
  • Substrate material and size
  • Deposition material(s)




Look at the Google sheet for the currently installed materials, and request changes at least 2-3 weeks before the intended use.

(Also includes the planned Maintenance schedule and a Table of safe powers for RF & DC sputtering from various targets!)

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PVD system Angstrom
Lab 1019 Thin Film
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