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The ContourGT™-X is a stand-alone optical surface-proling system. It measures surface topography with high accuracy in a range from fractions of a nm up to approximately 10mm. The system contains motorized x/y, tip/tilt and z stages to enable automated production monitoring. Magnication selection is also motorized so complex measurement sequences can be programmed. The ContourGT-X OMM supports Vertical Scanning Interferometry (VSI) and Phase-Shifting In-terferometry (PSI) measurements. VSI: The maximum scan length for a VSI scan is 10 mm. It is effective for measuring objects with rough surfaces, as well as those with adjacent pixel-height differences greater than 135 nm. PSI: It is typically used to test smooth surfaces (roughness less than 30nm), such as mirrors, optics, or other highly polished samples. It is very accurate, resulting in vertical measurements with sub-nanometer resolution. Measurement material is not restricted. Non IC compatible is a standard condition, however IC-clean wafers can be measured using clean room paper or extra wafer under the measured wafer. Wafer size up to 8” is capable.

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Optical Profilometer Contour
M2 F1 Flip-chip Bonding


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