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Allowed materials : Only electroplating compatible photoresists (i.e. AZ 15nXT)

 Allowed seed-layer metallization: Cu, Au, Pt & Pd. 

Ni electroplating system for plating of conducting or sacrificial layers. The electroplating chemistry nickelsulfamate electroplating process that produces a pure, ductile, fine-grained, semi-bright low stress nickel deposit.


The front side contact requires that the edge of the wafer (5mm edge exclusion) is free from photoresist (also requires edge-bead removal of thick photoresist). Please consider this during photoresist mask design.


The Ni electroplating system has the following functionalities:

- 100 or 150mm circular wafer holders and 156mm square substrate (small diced samples are not currently possible)

- Front side contact

- Light-assisted plating (LED light system, wavelength 535nm and 975nm)

- Backside protection (Backside contact possible on square substrate holder)

- Pump systems with adjustable flow rates (> 1000 l/h)

- Substrate rotation unit (with variable speeds)

- Heating unit (heat exchanger)

- DC and pulsed plating

-  Fume hood with media connections.

- Cleaning stations for DI-water cleaning and nitrogen drying.

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Electroplating Ni
Lab 1019 Thin Film
Electrochemical Deposition
NB Technologies


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