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The Lam 4520 is a plasma etcher for the patterning of oxide and nitride layers. It is equipped with cassette-to-cassette wafer handling, cassette holds 25 wafers.

Key Features and Accessories:

Process gases: CF4, CHF3, O2 (restricted due to electrode lifetime considerations), SF6, He, Argon, N2 (restricted use due to excessive chamber sputtering). Process pressure 250-500 mTorr, power 600 - 1000W. Split electrode configuration, adjustable monochromator is used for endpoint detection. 

Key Specifications:

Standard recipe 222/223 for oxide etching: 
Etch rate: 470 nm/min, 500-540 nm (patterned)
3-sigma uniformity <10% 
Selectivity to PR >6:1 
Selectivity oxide:silicon >12:1

Substrate Size:

150 mm dia

Allowed Materials:

Substrates: silicon, quartz (?), with a thickness of ….to ….µm. Layers: oxide, silicon nitride, poly-silicon, photoresist

Forbidden Materials:

Non IC-compatible materials

Availability and Cost:

Availability: O
Cost: Special

Tool name:
Oxide etcher LAM4520
M1 B Plasma Etching
Dry etching
LAM/Point 35
LAM 4520


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