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Description: This microwave plasma system is suitable for wafers up to 200mm diameter, operating at 2.45 GHz and a typical process pressure ranging from 0.6 – 1.5 mbar. The system is contained in a standalone cabinet with spray coated covers and glass front panel. It is operated via integrated color monitor and function keys. The support frame allows easy integration into clean room wall or ballroom installation. Process: The MW plasma generates chemical radicals, which react with the materials to be removed by creating volatile molecules. The process is supported by constant process gas flow into the chamber, while the byproducts are extracted through the rear of the chamber into the vacuum pump. The commonly used gases are Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon and fluorinated Hydrocarbons or mixtures of these gases, depending on the requested selectivity and etching rate. In addition a Hydrogen generator option is available to supply Hydrogen as process gas at the point of use.

Brief description: Tepla 380M is a microwave quartz chamber photo-resist strip system.

Performance: 25 x 6 inch wafers. 25 x 8 inch wafer conversion is available.

Process conditions: 25 x 6 inch wafers or 25 x 8 inch wafers, operating at 2.45 GHz and a typical process pressure ranging from 0.6 – 1.5 mbar..

Photoresist strip: O2 600 sccm, power 800 W, pressure 0.8 mbar.

Allowed materials: IC-clean materials only. Sample size: 6 to 8 inch wafers

Gases and chemicals: O2, N2, Ar, CF4, current process gas is O2


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Plasma stripper TePla 380P
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