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Year of Manufacture and Installation:

2014-2015 / 2014-2015


Programmable process tube for P- and B- diffusion (and dry oxidation) of silicon wafers. Wafers up to 200mm can be processed. (At the moment there are boats for 100 mm and 156x156 mm wafers.) A semiautomated system with manual sample introduction. Automated process. Resistance coil heating in 3 zones. Up to 60 wafers can be processed in one run. Tube used for both gas-source diffusion and spin-on source diffusion.

Key Features and Accessories:

Available process gases: N2, O2, Bubbler TRANS-LC (trans 1,2-Dichloroethen), Bubbler POCL3. Operating temperature from +500 °C to +950 °C. 

Key Specifications:

Sheet resistance resulting from diffusion controlled by diffusion temperature and diffusion time.

Substrate Size:

100mm and 156x156 mm (up to 200 mm)

Allowed Materials:

RCA1 cleaned silicon substrate (cleaned in F11 RCA1 bath with DCTA and handled with clean plastic tweezers after cleaning) with or without spin-on boron or phosphorous.

Forbidden Materials:

Other substrates than silicon. Not RCA1 cleaned silicon substrate. Metal or other “dirty” film on silicon. Silicon substrate handled with metal tweezers.

Availability and Cost:

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Tool name:
Oxidation 1
M2 F7 Furnace
Furnace Processes


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