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Inductively coupled plasma etcher for etching silicon, compound semiconductors and polymers.

Key Features and Accessories:

Two power sources: ICP source 2kW, CCP source 300W. Available etch gases: BCl3, Cl2, N2/CH4, (formerly SiCl4, CHF3), SF6, H2 and O2/Ar. Operating temperature from -150 °C to +200 °C (Note: temperature was limited to max 200 C 29.9.2020).

Key Specifications:

• Silicon etch rate up to 8 µm/min possible. Typically 2-3 µm/min. 
• Typical etch rate for GaN 350 nm/min (some have 600 nm/min) 
• Typical etch rate for GaAs 2 µm/min 
• Typical etch rate for InP 2 µm/min

Substrate Size:

100-150 mm wafer. Check from PESO, which clamp size is currently installed. Smaller samples can be glued on top of a dummy wafer. (Carrier wafer is recommended to have involatile masking layer i.e. Al2O3 for flourine chemstries and the  size must match with the currently installed clamp). Check the provided document about thermal contact to carrier wafer. The following link to a wiki of some provincial university also has good explanations on thermal contact between sample and carrier: https://snfexfab.stanford.edu/snf/process/attaching-samples-to-carrier-wafers-for-etching-or-deposition


Allowed Materials:

Si, GaN, InP, GaAs, photoresists, Al, Cr, Ge, Ti, Glasses (ask the main user)

Forbidden Materials:

Noble metals (Au, Ag, Pt, Cu, Pd), Heavy metals (Cd, Pb, Zn), silicones, Li, Y. No tapes allowed in any Nanofab vacuum equipment.

Tool name:
ICP-RIE Plasmalab 100
Dry etching
Oxford Instruments
Oxford Instruments Plasmalab System100 - ICP 180


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