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The maximum operating temperature is 1 200 °C, and the lowest practical temperature is 300 °C.

The furnace is also equipped with a residual gas analysis system, which is used to measure the residual gas atoms and molecules in the vacuum manifold.

The oven can be operated at under high vacuum at < 0.05 mPa, depending on how much off gassing there is. Nitrogen atmosphere can also be used during annealing. In this case the maximum operating temperature is lower, up to 400 °C. Higher temperatures can be considered if the annealing time is short.

Allowed materials: high melting point materials such as ceramics, semiconductors, and refractory metals. Other metals are looked at case by case depending on the annealing temperature and the respective gas partial pressure. No polymers and no liquids.

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Vacuum Furnace Webb
Lab 1019 Thin Film
Red Devil M


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