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Brief Description:

The PRS 801 is self-contained barrel chamber photo-resist strip system. It is equipped with ar2 Limited controller and Opto 22 Screen PC.

Performance: 50 x 6 inch wafers per hour.

Process Conditions and Specifications:

100 x 4 inch wafers and 50 x 6 inch wafers, vacuum gauge 10 torr, 650 W RF generator (13.56 MHz), minimum barrel chamber temperature of 60 ?C is maintained when mains power is supplied to the system.

Allowed Materials

IC-clean materials only. Sample size: 4 to 6 inch wafers, wafer pieces are also possible if appropriate base is used.

Gases and Chemicals

PRS 801 is designed to handle non-toxic gases: O2 (0.5 bar) and N2 (0.5 bar)


Never operate the system if system rear panels are removed or the chamber door is open.

The effluents of all plasma processes should be considered to be toxic

Special Requirements

If you are using the touch screen any button should be pressed twice.

START button is only available when the process is ready to be started.

Use separate boats for non-metal and metal wafers.

Other Comments or Cautions

You are not allowed to change recipes without permission.

Tool name:
Plasma stripper 1 PRS801
M1 B Plasma Etching
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Plasma Technology
PRS 801


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