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Brief Description

Q240 is a microwave quartz chamber photo-resist strip system.

Performance: 25 x 6 inch wafers per hour. 25 x 8 inch wafer conversion is available.

Process Conditions and Specifications:

25 x 6 inch wafers or 25 x 8 inch wafers, vacuum gauge 10 mbar, 1150W Magnetron (2.45 GHz), automatic pressure control APC valve.

Photoresist strip: O2 150 sccm, μ-wave power 1150 W, 0.65 mbar.

Allowed Materials: IC-clean materials only. Sample size: 6 to 8 inch wafers

Gases and Chemicals: O2, N2, Ar, CF4

Safety: Never operate the system if system rear panels are removed or the chamber door is open.

The effluents of all plasma processes should be considered to be toxic

Special Requirements: Quartz boats for 6 inch and 8 inch wafers.

Other Comments or Cautions: You are not allowed to change recipes without permission.

Tool name:
Plasma Stripper Q240
M1 B Plasma Etching
Dry etching
Alpha Plasma


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