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High-end nanolithography system for exposing wide range of structures down to <8 nm linewidth. The system operates at 50 keV or 100 keV beam energy and is fully automated for Mask and Direct Write applications with easy-to-use graphical user interface. The electron source is a high-current density Thermal Field Emission gun and the system has 2-holder airlock with a "straight through" loading facility installed. Substrates are mounted by a spring on top surface or by bottom surface reference plane holders. The beam calibration is done automatically during the writing and essentially ulimited number of stepping frequencies for dose correction for "proximity effects" are assignable within a single pattern layer.


Key Features and Accessories:

  • System control software suite "BEAMS" running on a fully integrated PC compatible computer running under Linux with Ethernet interface.
  • Binocular microscope and X/Y stage to pre-align wafers and piece parts on their holder prior to system loading.
  • Automatic global alignment software that can use irregular array of markers.
  • Genisys Beamer data preparation software.

Key Specifications:

  • Acceleration voltage: 100 kV (50 kV possible but not in use)
  • Scanfield distortion (@100 kV): 5-7 nm
  • Beam position and current stability (@100 kV): max. 0.289 %/h
  • Stitching accuracy of 250 um / 1000 um main field (@100 kV): 7-14 nm / 11-17 nm
  • Overlay accuracy  of 250 um / 1000 um main field (@100 kV): 9-14 nm / 9-11 nm
  • Resolution: 7.6 nm on 40 nm thick HSQ
  • Spot size (@100 kV and 200 um aperture): 2.2 nm
  • Pattern generator: 125 MHz
  • Main field beam deflection: 20 bit DAC
  • Laser interferometer system: λ/1024 (0.618 nm). Based on HP5517B laser head specifications.
  • Stage travel range: 155 mm x 155 mm
  • Available beam currents (300 um aperture): 300 pA ...150-200 nA
  • Working distance: 40 mm (principle plane of C3 Final lens to substrate)
  • Maximum writefield: ca. 1016 um x 1016 um
  • Substrate flatness: ±30 um (without markers on the substrates) / ±50 um (peak to peak) with calibration markers on the substrates
  • Max. substrate slope: 1.0 um/mm
  • Maximum wafer rotation correction: 0.2 degrees
  • Max. pattern size: 150 mm x 150 mm
  • Marker detection reproducibility: 10 nm, 3 sigma, for beam currents down to 100 pA.

Substrate Size:

2", 4", and 6" wafers. Small pieces down to 5 x 5 mm. 5" and 6" glass masks. Max. thickness for wafers 0.675mm, up to about 2 mm possible.

Allowed materials:

Semi standard vacuum compatible non-magnetic materials for silicon, GaAs, GaN, GaP and photo mask applications.

Forbidden materials:

Magnetic materials

Insulating or poorly conducting substrates without proper charge dissipation layer and top surface grounding (contact main users)!

Pyroelectric materials (contact main users)!

Please get approval from main users beforehand if planning to use any other substrate besides Si or GaAs.



Tool name:
EBL Vistec
M2 F3 Nanolithography


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