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Ultra-high vacuum electron beam evaporator for deposition of high-purity Al thin films (e.g. for tunnel junctions).

  • Materials selections are limited to Ti and Al (at least initially)
  • Specifically used for Al Josephson junction fabrication and high-purity Al deposition.
  • 8-pocket linear source with large materials capacity
  • 3 chambers separating sample loading, process, and source functions
  • Ar gun for sample milling in the loading chamber
  • Oxidation (static & dynamic) using either a needle valve or mass-flow controller in the process chamber (wide pressure range)
  • UV light for surface treatment in the process chamber
  • Fully automated operation with computer control (incl. sample transfer)
  • Closed-loop control of the evaporation rate via emission current (about 20% precision)
  • O2 flow during evaporation (ONLY with separate main user permission and contact main user each time you use it!)
  • Sample stage heating up to 700 °C using a special sample carrier (ONLY with separate main user permission!)
  • Sample stage cooling with liquid nitrogen (ONLY with separate main user permission - NOT installed yet!)
  • The evaporation rate is currently limited to 2 Å/s for most processes
  • Allowed substrate materials:
    • Silicon
    • Sapphire
    • Glass
    • All other substrate types must be approved by the main users
  • Allowed materials on substrate: 
    • Films of positive and negative optical and electron-beam photoresists
    • SiO2, Si3N4, Al, Nb, NbN, Ti, NbTiN, TiN
    • Au, Pd (only for alignment marker purposes)
    • All other film types must be approved by the main users
  • Prohibited materials, especially for Ar milling
    • In, Sb, Fe, Ni, Cr, Co, Zn, Se, ITO
    • All samples from the Angstrom system
    • All other film types must be approved by the main users
Tool name:
Evaporator Plassys
M2 S10


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