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Please notice that this is our old ellipsometer (2F09 04 Ellipsometer Plasmos) and that we have recently obtained a new one with much more features/options (2F09 05 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer SE-2000). If you do not have a specific reason to apply license for the old tool, please apply license for the new tool.

The system for measurement of optical parameters and thickness of transparent layers on reflective substrate. Manual sample loading and computer assisted measurement and calculations.

Key Features and Accessories:

The system works using rotating analyzer method to measure ellipsometric angles Ψ and Δ at the fixed wavelength. The obtained Ψ and Δ are compared with result of simulation to calculate film thickness and refractive index. A sample must have flat and mirror-like surface, covered by transparent layers. The system has a He-Ne laser as a light source.

Key Specifications:

Laser wavelength 632.8 nm
Time of measurement under 1 s/point
Incidence angle range 35 - 73 °
Number of analyzed layers up to 5
Thickness error for SiO2 film < 0.6 nm (fixed refractive index)

Substrate Size:

Up to 145 mm

Allowed Materials:

Solid substrates

Forbidden Materials:

Sticky, powder and liquid materials


Tool name:
Ellipsometer Plasmos
M2 F11 Wafers
Plasmos SD2300


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