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Brief Description

Model Aura 1000 is a single wafer microwave downstream photoresist asher system for 150 mm wafers. It is capable of front and backside isotropic removal of the photoresist.

Performance is up to 60 wafers per hour.

Process Conditions and Specifications:

Electrical power 208 (typical), 1400 W @ 2.45 GHz, base pressure 0.01 Torr, pump down time 2 min (atm to base pressure)

O2 process gas max 30 PSI, N2 process gas max 30 PSI, process temperature up to 280 ?C.

Allowed Materials: 150 mm wafers, no wafer pieces.

Only IC-clean materials are allowed

Gases and Chemicals: O2 and N2

Safety: Keep the plastic cover on during the process or wear safety glasses.

Wafers are hot after ashing!

Special Requirements: Use Teflon cassette on receiver

Tool name:
Microwave asher Aura1000
M1 B Plasma Etching
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Aura 1000


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