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Allowed materials : Only electroplating compatible photoresists (i.e. AZ 15nXT)

Allowed seed-layer metallization: Cu, Au, Pt & Pd.

Sn electroplating system for plating of solder or bonding material. A high-purity electroplating process which produces fine-grained, matte, pure tin deposits. It is especially formulated for use in the fabrication of circuit patterns and bumps on semiconductor wafers.


The front side contact requires that the edge of the wafer (5mm edge exclusion) is free from photoresist (also requires edge-bead removal of thick photoresist). Please consider this during photoresist mask design.


The Sn electroplating system has the following functionalities:

- 100 or 150mm wafer holders ((small diced samples are not currently possible)

- Front side contact

- Backside protection

- Pump systems with adjustable flow rates (> 1000 l/h)

- Substrate rotation unit (with variable speeds)

- DC and pulsed plating

-  Fume hood with media connections.

- Cleaning stations for DI-water cleaning and nitrogen drying.

Tool name:
Electroplating Sn
Lab 1019 Thin Film
Electrochemical Deposition
NB Technologies


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