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Manual spinner

The spinner is configured to process 150 and 200mm (6-8”) round substrates with a traditional chuck (backside handling). Edge handling chuck for both sizes will be available later on.

Tooling for IC-processing only. Wafer classes A, B, C. Allowed resists are- positive, negative and EBL resists.

Photo resist is supposed to dose manually, but there is an automatic dosing for acetone, for resist removal and  solvent for Edge Bead Removal.

After each use of the spinner, the user must clean the lid and the bowl of the spinner.

Manual hot plate

Hot plate is able to handle different size of substrades by varying the pin position (150 and 200mm).

Also proximity baking is possible. Hotplate surface is anodized aluminium.

Please ensure that the wafers don't have photoresist on th ebackside of the wafers in order to keep the HP surface clean.

Tool name:
Manual Spinner Duo
M1 A Lithography


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