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EVG track is a tool designed to combine in one machine processes as:

  • Priming - 1 HMDS unit, priming at 110C
  • Resist coating- 1 coating chamber with 2 handling options: A. edge handling, B.backside chuck
  • Resist developing - 1 chamber, jet or spray dispense
  • Baking - 6 units at temperatures: 90C, 110C, 120C (for this T ask to make such settings upfront), custom T.
  • Cooling - 3 units at temperatures between 18 and 25C

It is possible also to rework the coated wafer using the solvent recipe on whole surface.

It is possible to sort and transfer the wafers from one cassette to another (empty) by the tool

If the tool used a specific type of resist within past hour, no dummies are needed. Use of different resist type before your needed resist type does not require dummy wafers if the previous sentence condition is met.

Use Flat Aligner next to the EVG tool for aligning all flats to down position. Flat alignment is mandatory for wafers to be processed in edge handling mode.This prevents robot mishandling inside EVG.

Please use the cassettes per wafers contamination separation.

In case of Alarms or errors, immediately report to the maintenance team!

Tool name:
Coater Developer EVG120
M1 A Lithography


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