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Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) system with F-based chemistry. A semiautomatic system with manual sample loading. Etching process is automated.

Key Features and Accessories:

A 13.56 MHz driven parallel plate reactor with water cooled graphite substrate electrode and automatic matching unit between RF generator and the reactor. Process gases are SF6, CF4, O2, Ar and CHF3. The system has a turbomolecular pump to maintain high vacuum during processing.

Key Specifications:


Non-uniformity over 100 mm < 2 %  
Working pressure range 5 - 250 mTorr  
RF power 20 – 250 W  
Typical etch rate of: Si 300 nm/min
  SiO2 40 nm/min
  Si3N4 60 nm/min

Substrate Size:

Up to 240 mm, optimized for 100 mm

Allowed Materials:

Si, SiO2, Si3N4, some metals, semiconductors and glasses (ask main user).

Forbidden Materials:

Some metals and semiconductors (ask main user). Sticky, powder and liquid materials.

License and training!!!

The tool training is given on the 2-nd and 4-th Wednesdays of every month, at 10:00. Contact a main user to confirm your participation.


Tool name:
RIE Plasmalab F10
M2 F10 Plasma
Dry etching
Oxford Instruments
Plasmalab 80Plus Oxford Instruments


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