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For manual HMDS priming of 100 - 150 mm wafers.

Key Features and Accessories:

Vacuum / Bake Vapor Prime Processing system which combines ultimate dehydration with HMDS (hexamethyldisilizane) priming. The system creates a heated vacuum environment for dehydration and vapor priming. After the dehydration process the wafers are primed to promote adhesion of the photoresist to the wafer surface. Electropolished stainless steel chamber with interior dimensions of 305 mm x 305 mm x 336 mm. Preheated N2 (process gas) for dehydration. Side mounted HMDS flask. Vacuum chamber heated with 6 heaters, 200 Watt each. Adjustable Temperature Controller set to 150°C. 

Key Specifications:

Standard recipe 1 for 5 minutes HMDS priming. Total Cycle Time is 27 minutes. This recipe has 4 stages: dehydration and purging oxygen from vacuum chamber, HMDS priming, purging prime exhaust and return to atmosphere (backfill). During the first three-minute nitrogen steps, heated nitrogen is released into the vacuum chamber. The vacuum steps remove the evaporated moisture and oxygen from the chamber. Moisture on the wafer surface is turned into vapor through heat conducted by nitrogen and then the vacuum purges the vapor.

Substrate Size:

100 mm or 150 mm diameter

Allowed Materials:

Subsrates: silicon, quartz. Layers: IC-compatible metals

Forbidden Materials:

Non IC-compatible materials

External use


Tool name:
Primer oven YES-3
M1 A Lithography
Yield Engineering


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